Avon Decent 2010 - Leader Board
Position Club Name Craft Type Manufacturer
1   South Africa   Hank McGregor   Velox   Kayak Centre
2   Ascot Kayak Club   Kevin White   Velox   Kayak Centre
3   South Africa   Daryl Bartho   Legend XL   Custom Kayaks
4   South Africa   Brett Bartho   Legend XL   Custom Kayaks
5   Ascot Kayak Club   Daryl Long       Daryl Long
6   Bayswater Kayak Club   Matt Coutes   River Vadja   Knysna Racing
Paddlers from Ascot & Bayswater Kayak Clubs were the first three Australian paddlers home in the 2010 Avon Decent. Kayak Centre's new Velox, Custom Kayaks' Legend XL and Knysna Racing's River Vadja were the craft of choice for the top paddlers. All are imported by Canoesonline, contact Kevin White to discuss your requirements.
Hank Avon 2010   Hank & Kevin